CLEGS Club Terms and Conditions

The Clegs Club Membership is operated by Clegs ABN 30 315 283 279. Each member of the Clegs Club is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Each application for membership of the Clegs Club is subject to acceptance by Clegs in its absolute discretion.

Clegs Club membership is only activated on receipt by Clegs of a completed and signed application form.

Only individuals can apply for Clegs Club membership. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and other entities are not eligible to participate in the Clegs Club.

A Clegs Club member may only hold one Clegs Club Card. Clegs Club membership and cards cannot be held jointly.

Employees of Clegs are not eligible to participate in the Clegs Club.

Clegs Club Points will be awarded at a rate of 1 point per 1 dollar spent at Clegs stores, or Clegs online, on Eligible Purchases, upon presentation of an active Clegs Club Card (known from hereon as a Green Card), subject to terms set by Clegs from time to time at its absolute discretion.

It is the responsibility of Clegs Club members to produce their Green Card, or otherwise inform Clegs Staff of their membership in the Clegs Club, before the completion of any sale, to be awarded any relevant Clegs Club points, or otherwise keep their Clegs Club membership active.

Relevant Clegs Club Points will be allocated to the Clegs Club member account immediately upon payment, subject to specific promotion terms and system availability, with the exception of points awarded on sales that are paid for in part or in full with Clegs Club Points. Points awarded on sales that are paid for in part or in full with Clegs Club Points will be allocated to the Clegs Club member account within 7 days.

Clegs Club Points cannot be transferred.

Current Clegs Club Points balances will be displayed on the bottom of all Clegs receipts where a Green Card has been scanned, with the exception of purchases that have been paid for in part or in full by the redemption of Clegs Club Points. Receipts from purchases that have been paid for in part or in full by the redemption of Clegs Club Points will show the Clegs Club Points balance as it was before the purchase.

Clegs Club Points will expire if a Clegs Club Membership is inactive for six months or longer.

Clegs Club Points will not be awarded on the purchase of a Clegs gift voucher and can not be redeemed to buy a Clegs gift voucher. However Clegs Club points will be awarded when using Clegs gift vouchers for payment of Eligible Purchases.

Clegs Club Points will be redeemable when Clegs Club Members have 200 points or more in their Clegs Club Points Balance. On redemption 200 Clegs Club Points will be equal to $20 discount. Any part thereof can be redeemed at a time; however the Clegs Club Points Balance must reach 200 again before they can be redeemed again.

Clegs Club Points are redeemable by presenting a valid Green Card at the time of purchase at any Clegs store or by entering your Green Card number when making a purchase online at

Clegs Club Points cannot be redeemed on Sale Items, or during Storewide Sale Periods.

Clegs Club Points can only be redeemed for goods sold at participating Clegs stores or at Clegs online.

Clegs Club Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Refunds will only be provided for goods purchased when using a Green Card in accordance with Clegs Refunds and Exchange policy. In the event of a refund, any Clegs Club Points awarded for the original purchase will be deducted from the Clegs Club account, and if purchased using redeemed Clegs Club Points in partial or full payment, Clegs Club Points will not be refunded. A Clegs store credit will be issued for the dollar value of the points redeemed.

Your membership details are personal information for the purposes of the Privacy Act.

Personal information will only be used by Clegs for the purpose of the Clegs Club, and by Clegs, and third party printing companies, for the express purpose of Clegs marketing and promotion. Personal information will never be sold, or provided to third parties for any other purpose.

Clegs reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Clegs Club at any time by providing not less than 90 days’ notice to members delivered to the last known point of contact.

Membership in the Clegs Club may be terminated immediately by Clegs if Clegs has reasonable grounds to suspect that a Clegs Club member has shoplifted or defrauded Clegs or the Clegs Club in any way.

Clegs may terminate any membership of the Clegs Club without notice, if the relevant member: 1. Fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions; 2. Engages in misleading conduct in connection with the Clegs Club;  3. The member does not use his or her membership card for a period of 12 months; or 4. dies or becomes bankrupt.

A member may terminate their membership in the Clegs Club at any time by giving written notice to Clegs.

All Clegs Club cards remain the property of Clegs.

Clegs is not responsible for stolen or lost Clegs Club Cards. Please report all lost or stolen cards immediately and Clegs will issue you with a new card.

To the extent permitted by law, any liability that Clegs may have to a member in any way related to the Clegs Club whether for negligence, breach of contract or otherwise is limited by – 1. In the case of any claim relating to points, to crediting the relevant number of points to the member’s account; and 2. In any other case, to a maximum of $.10 for each point in the member’s account at the time the liability arose, in the form of a Clegs Store Credit.

Clegs may make any changes at any time in its absolute discretion, to these Terms and Conditions. Clegs will endeavour to provide 90 days’ notice of any such changes.

Where Clegs is required to give notice under these Terms and Conditions, notice may be given by written/email notice direct to the last known contact of Clegs Club members, or with the Terms and Conditions here.

Clegs may suspend or cancel the membership of any Clegs Club Member with overdue payments owing on laybys or accounts.

From time to time Clegs will send out emails or postcards to let you know in advance about Clegs Sales or Club Member Promotions that are coming up. Please note, in consideration of the environment, all such correspondence will be sent by email where Clegs have a valid email address on file for the Clegs Club Member. Clegs email address ( may need to be added to a Clegs Club Members address book to prevent this from being sent to the Spam folder. Clegs Club Members may opt out of receiving these emails/postcards at any time by contacting Clegs via email or post.